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Composite Praise – Accounting

Accounting Professionals speak about Jeff Davidson’s programs on Breathing Space®: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society
Thanks for taking the time to talk about beating the time crunch. I think this is one of the most relevant topics for today’s professionals!
Leslie Singer, Don Richard Associates, Washington, DC
I had the pleasure of attending your presentation on December 14. You deserve applause for waking up a group of CPS’s, period! (let alone at 8 a.m.) I got your message–at least sufficiently enough to recognize I could benefit from more guidance. Very truly yours,
Roslyn H. Balbirer, CPA, Balbirer and Coleman, Chapel Hill, NC
Your presentation to The CPA Forum was outstanding and we want to thank you again for taking the time to be with our group. You received very high marks on all the participants’ evaluations and many indicated they were going to contact you for additional information and materials. Personally, I’ve always know there were forces at work destroying my space and time, but until your presentation, I never understood where or what they were. Now I know the enemy and can begin to take back my space. Thanks again for an excellent presentation!
Donald R. Monroe, CFP, VP–Investments, Paine Webber Inc., Raleigh, NC
Your insight into developing ways to improve a hectic schedule among work, civic and family was very informative.
John W. Kellogg, CPA, Weaver and Tidwell, Fort Worth, TX
Your seminar has proven to be valuable for my firm. We are implementing several of the suggestions you made. Thank you for your interesting and informative seminar.
Jeffrey M. Jarosinski, CPA, Skigen Associates, Rockville, MD
Enjoyed the seminar–I’ll read less and start enjoying what’s really important …my family, friends and God’s beautiful creation.
Michael A. Longobardo, CPS, Rigsbee, Penny & Associates, Raleigh, NC
I attended your presentation yesterday and was quite impressed. My wife, Lois, is a Fashion Director with Multiples and we think that their president might have an interest in your presentation for their annual consultants meeting. If you would like to know a little more about their business, you can call Lois.
Thomas K. Cozart, CPA, J.M. Kane & Company, Raleigh, NC
I attended the meeting you conducted last week for the CPA Forum. It was a most enjoyable and informative session.
James A. King II, Treasurer, Garland C. Norris Co, Apex, NC
I very much enjoyed your presentation I attended. I am interested in purchasing your book. I look forward to hearing from you.
George A. Fisk, Principal, Fisk Robinson CPAs, Dallas, TX
Your presentation to the Indiana CPA Society was very informative and was done in a manner that kept the attention of the audience. The information presented would be valuable to every one, not just the professional people; spouses should be welcome at the presentation. Thanks for your presentation.
Victor D. Rammelsberg, Certified Public Accountant, Rushville, IN
I very much enjoyed your presentation on breathing space at our Indiana CPA Society convention. It was helpful to me to better understand the reason for the increasing pressures that we face and it was reassuring to learn that my inability to get, and stay, caught up was not unique to me. You gave us some practical suggestions on what we can do to better manage our schedules and the use of our time, and it is already paying off for me.
Larry K. Greenwalt, Greenwalt Sponsel & Company, Indianapolis, IN
My wife and I had breakfast with you before the Breathing Space seminar held in June at the Grove Park Inn. When we saw the CLE summary, Karen and I were disappointed that the program committee was spending so much time on non-technical CLE. To be candid, we were not looking forward to your session. You quickly dispelled our preconceived ideas and we found ourselves learning a great deal and also enjoying ourselves in the process. If I am ever in a position to have input concerning continuing education for attorneys in Indiana, I would be happy recommending that you be employed to present your Breathing Space seminar. Thanks again.
Warren Haas, Attorney at Law, Marion, IN
I enjoyed the session which you presented. Your facts and statistics help underscore the points which you are emphasizing. I will think more realistically about “weeding” out the unnecessary complications in my life as a result of your remarks.
Susan Naus, CPA, Whipple & Company, Indianapolis, IN
Just a note to say that I enjoyed your talk on Saturday, June 24 to the Indiana C.P.A. Society. Your presentation was very effective and substantiated much of what I already believed. I’ve ruled satellite dishes out of my life and am pleased with my decision to cancel the daily paper that I never read. Simplifying one’s life is an excellent focal point for your work. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.
Paul D. Burch, Countrymark, Indianapolis, IN
This is just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed the presentation you made on Saturday. It was as though you were holding a BIG mirror in front of me as so many of the things you were describing I could see in my own behavior. Needless to say, I was impressed with your message as well as your manner and delivery of the presentation. I wish my wife could have been in attendance because I think she too would have found it valuable….I go on vacation during the first two weeks of August and I intend to say out of touch with the office entirely if at all possible. I do intend to take your book “Breathing Space.” Thanks for opening my eyes a bit wider!
David Neitzel, Vasa Brougher, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the recent ICPA Convention held at the Grove Park Inn last month. I liked the concept of many smaller completion tasks.I also like the idea of cleaning up one’s workplace. Each week I have spent part of a day throwing out the unwanted trash that I have accumulated in various sections of my office. It definitely helps. Hopefully, I’ll do this at home also. Thanks again, for a wonderful seminar. As a board member I have seen the excellent comments that the rest of our group had given you.
Linda L. Rea, CPA, Rea Logan & Company, Wabash IN
I attended the Indiana CPA Convention and was very impressed with the quality of most of the seminars, however your presentation entitled “Breathing Space: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped Up Society” was certainly the high point of all that had gone into making this a positive professional meeting. Your session alone would have certainly made the Convention a worthwhile experience. The points presented were extremely informative and applicable to our day to day needs.I hope we have the opportunity to draw further on your expertise in the future.
William R. Whitmore, CPA, Subsurface Technology Inc., Evansville, IN
I attended your 4-hour seminar “Breathing Space: Living and Working at a Comfort able Pace in a Sped Up Society” at our annual convention. I enjoyed it very much and found that you had many ideas that I can use in my professional life as an accountant, professor, and administrator.I reported to Monica Woods, CPE Director of the Indiana CPA Society, that I found the seminar extremely beneficial and that she should employ you again for the many members who did not attend the annual meeting. It is equally important that we learn to better manage our professional lives as it is to improve our understanding of professional standards. As a person who has presented seminars on accounting and auditing standards for over twenty years, I also applaud your presentation skills. Prior to the start of the seminar, I remarked to a fellow attendee, “How is this fellow going to stretch this topic into four hours?” You answered my question in spades! You held our interest, and I believe you had enough material to go on for two or three days! Audience participation was excellent! All of the participants I have talked with since the seminar have the highest praise for it. Good luck, and I look forward to attending another of your seminars in the future.
Paul W. Parkison, Chairman, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Accounting Ball State University, Muncie IN
Thank you for your contribution to our continuing professional education program. Your presentation “Breathing Space: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped Up Society” was very well received by attendees at our annual convention. The average rating of your presentation skills and knowledge of the subject matter was 4.88 on a 5.0 scale.Jeff, your presentation was an excellent way to end our convention. I am enclosing a synopsis of participant comments regarding your session at convention.
Monica M. Woods, CMP, Director of Education & Meetings Indiana CPA Society, Indianapolis, IN