Jeff Davidson's book, Simpler Living, was Amazon Kindle #1 in its category, first quarter, 2012. Jeff is featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Businessweek, Fortune, Organized Executive, and Success.

Composite Praise – Cruise Passengers

Cruise Passengers speak about Jeff Davidson’s programs on Breathing Space®: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society
“Dear Captain Warner,” Just a note to tell you how very much I enjoyed the above-referenced lecture series. Mr. Davidson’s enthusiasm and insights were for me a valuable part of the Princess Cruise experience. In fact, I expect that the information I secured from the series will benefit me much more than the monetary cost of the entire cruise. Such programs, and Mr. Davidson’s in particular, should be encouraged and continued. Many thanks for all the kindnesses and courtesies extended to us by you and your fine crew. Sincerely,
Donald M. Bolas, Attorney at Law, Palm Desert, CA
I attended your seminar on “Stress Management” while aboard the Celebrity cruise ship. My sister and I both enjoyed your seminar; you presented several interesting points and helpful ideas in that short time, and especially impressive to us was that you presented this information with a good sense of humor. The relaxed atmosphere was calming and as it turned out we both really benefitted from it, and have not only talked about it several times since then between ourselves, but also mentioned some of your “helpful hints” to others. I was planning to write you for a copy of your book “Breathing Space” and in the meantime I was telling the Management Services Officer for our department (and my supervisor) about some of the ideas you presented (i.e. mailing things home to yourself while away and being more selective about the amount of information we take in daily). I want to share your suggestions with the office staff of our department. Thank you again for the seminar.
Nancy Nelson, University of California at Davis, College of Engineering
I enjoyed your shipboard presentations. I don’t think all your ideas would work for me, but they are interesting and worth considering. George H. Montague, Real Estate Broker, Kaneohe, HI I enjoyed our sessions on the ship. Your book was great! Best Wishes.
Larry Showley, Certified Life Underwriter, San Diego, CA
I attended your lecture aboard the Meridian during the November 21st to December 2nd cruise. I found your lecture on “Breathing Space” very interesting.
Arthur Kruger, President, Musicians’ Square Club, New York, NY
Thanks for helping me to throw my “stress” overboard on our recent Meridian Cruise! You were a real lifesaver…good thing you were scheduled early on in the cruise so I didn’t have to carry it around any longer. I look forward to receiving Breathing Space. I need all the help I can get during these “downsizing” times. Thanks again.
Del White, Civic Affairs Assistant, Unocal Corporation, Los Angeles, CA