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Composite Praise – Government

Government Executives speak about Jeff Davidson’s programs on Breathing Space®: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society
Thank you for the presentation you gave to the EPA. I appreciated thestatistics you provided on information growth. Facing the magnitude ofinformation you described makes it so much easier to let go of the need totry to stay on top of it all. I found most useful your landing strip analogyfor a clean desk. I am one that is constantly pushing away piles of paper tocreate an empty spot. I have at least now started with a three-foot cleansection that I am attempting to keep clear. Thank you for all your suggestions and help.
Randy Waite, Organic Chemicals Group Leader U.S. Environmental ProtectionAgency, Research Triangle Park, NC
After hearing your presentation, I have been thirsting for more information.I was inspired by the energy you portrayed and the level of enthusiasm ofyour presentation. It was absolutely a relief to know there are solutionsfor today’s extremely fast-paced world. I would be thrilled to receive acassette life recording on more Breathing Space.
Paris Colburn, Public Works Accountant City of Norfolk, Norfolk, VA
I attended your workshop on Public Speaking Made Easy at the North Carolina Public Transportation Conference. I enjoyed your presentation and found your ‘Steps to a Better Presentation’ to be most helpful. I have always had a fear of public speaking. I suppose, like most people, my comfort zone is in a small setting. When I step in front of a large group it feels as if I am in an airplane hanger. Thanks again for your helpful insights.
Priscilla Dorsey, Transit Director Lumber River Council of Government, Lumberton, NC
Your presentation at the Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism were hits, and we want you to know how much we appreciate the time and effort you devoted to giving us such memorable presentations. We have heard nothing but favorable comments from the delegates and anticipate that your sessions will be highly rated when the conference evaluation forms are compiled. Thank you for going all out to make the opening luncheon keynote, “Relaxing at High Speed,” a high note that will be remembered by all who attended.
Richard Davies, Executive Director Department of Parks and Tourism, Little Rock, AR
I had the pleasure of attending your presentation on “Public Speaking” atthe annual conference and I really enjoyed it. I feel that you gave eachperson that attended good information, examples, and techniques to empowerthem to make informative and interesting public presentations to any sizegroup. The group participation gave us all a chance to experience first handand to see our peers utilize the points you were presenting. Thanks for avery enjoyable and educational presentation on a topic needed by everyoneinvolved with public transportation.
Johnny G. Purvis, Director Craven Area Rural Transit System, New Bern, NC
I attended your presentation at EPA. I enjoyed it very much and learned several ideas for simplifying my work environment-one to clear my desk each day, a tough one, but worth it, and the second to keep things from sitting in my email inbox. I have always used the inbox as a holding pen, but no longer! Hopefully I will get to attend another of your presentations in the future.
Greg Nizich, USEPA OAQPS U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC
I heard you speak at the City of Norfolk’s Senior Staff Meeting at Norfolk City Hall. Your talk was helpful and enjoyable. Being somewhat of a “packrat” of informational items, your ideas about the myths of a “paperless society” motivated me to take a hard look at the “stuff” that surrounds me both at my office and at home. The more you spoke, the more I thought of Alvin Toffler’s predictions about how technology and the pace of things would be speeding up, providing new challenges in how we operate. Thank you for your great presentation.
John Deuel, manager Norfolk Environmental Commission, Norfolk, VA
Thank you for providing a easy to understand program and the encouragement needed to continue to tackle each day.
Dana L. Main, Administration Department of Fire-Rescue & Emergency Management, Bowling Green, VA
Thank you so much for the forum on Breathing Space! You have inspired me! I created more space by cleaning out my glove compartment that same day, 20% of one filing cabinet the next, and I left my office on Friday with no paper clutter on my desk! As I entered my clutter free office on Monday morning, I felt I had taken the first step on the path to recovery from packratism! Thanks!
Margie DeWoskin, Director Employment and Training Triangle J Council of Governments, Research Triangle Park, NC
“Excellent!” “Fantastic!” “Best SGMP meeting yet!” These are just a few of the comments from the meeting planners and suppliers who attended your presentation at the July Society of Government Meeting Planners meeting. Scheduling a speaker is often a hit or miss affair; in your case, it was a big hit. We were all impressed with your speaking style and the substance of your speech. The best compliment that can be paid to a speaker is to act on his advice, and I can tell you that several SGMP members began implementing your ideas within days after your speech. Again, “Kudos” for a very successful presentation. In closing, I’ll share a comment from one of the SGMP members, “Mr. Davidson was by far the most effective speaker I’ve ever heard!”
Beverly D. Wilson, Sales Manager Pinehurst Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Southern Pines, NC
Thank you for presenting an excellent seminar on Friday to the Women in Government Relations. Feedback was uniformly positive, with many attendees expressing the desire for another presentation along the same theme. We are very appreciative of your fine program.
Patricia Aiken-O’Neill, Co-Chair, Professional Development Committee Women in Government Relations, McLean, VA
Thank you for mailing copies of the evaluation sheets from our “Handling the Information Overload” seminar. Response from our end–especially the Board members who attended–has been very positive. Chairman-elect Diana Seas sometimes relates to me about her office situation –“I did this…just like Jeff told us!” Thank you for providing the most informative and exciting seminar our Chamber has ever had.
Marcy Fryday, SW Houston Chamber of Commerce, Bellaire, TX
I enjoyed your presentation very much, and it provided me with an opportunity to look at how I deal with many things in my life, both work related and personal. I believe the knowledge I acquired will help me in the future.
Joseph A. Ciaramitaro, Chief, EP/EO Division, IRS Central Region, Cincinnati, OH
Thank you for bringing to my attention the Mega-Realities of our times and the dilemmas of information and choice. Your seminar and your book on “Breathing Space” have certainly helped me to refocus on how best to use my time to accomplish real priorities on the job and in my personal life, to discard clutter and to face the reality of closure. I recommend them both as a survival kit for work and beyond. In fact, I have given a copy of your book to my son, who is an electrical engineer and a manager, with the hope that it will give him some pointers on coping with the information glut. Again, please accept my thanks for sharing your thoughts, observations and approaches.
Vito Gualario, Assistant Area Director, U.S. Customs Service, New York, NY
I really enjoyed the workshop. You have a very energizing and enjoyable presentation style. You are articulate, able to remember tons of facts, and most of all, seem to walk your talk. You did your homework to know all about the OCC. Thanks again for your inspiring presentation. It was a positive experience for me and a great shot in the arm!
Andrea Goodman, EOE Manager, Administrator of National Banks, San Francisco, CA
It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of confirmation regarding seven programs to be conducted for the Treasury Executive Institute at our field locations. Through speakers like yourself who are willing to give to others, the government can be exposed to some of the new and current issues of motivation, management and leadership.
Danity M. Little, Executive Programs, Treasury Executive Institute, Washington, DC
I found your “Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society” presentation to be very practical and informative. I was especially pleased to find that it included many useful tips that I was able to put into practice my first day back on the job.
Craig W. Hackett, Director, Applications Development Division Comptroller of the Currency, Washington, DC
I found yesterday’s workshop enjoyable and a useful reminder of our power over our lives. I particularly appreciated the reinforcement of the idea of self-talk about being “complete” or, as I say, “letting go” of things that are over.
Bonnie Y. Holloway, Training Director, Office of Thrift Supervision, San Francisco, CA
My wife, Cherie Wells, with the Food and Drug Administration, attended your lecture at Rockville. She loved it and asked for your book for Christmas.
Tim Wells, Poolesville, MD
Following an extremely well received presentation he made for TEI in Washington, we decided to take him “on the road” in 1993, going to Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, and San Francisco. Below are comments from participants: “A subject all busy executives need presented by a high-energy and effective speaker.” “Good topic, new concepts, practical approach, good examples.” “Excellent presentation — well organized, knowledgeable, thought-provoking.” “Good topics, fresh ideas, excellent speaker.” “Great pragmatic advice, stimulating concepts and insights.” “Fresh innovative approach with an emphasis on accuracy. An effective presenter who held our attention!”
U.S. Treasury Executive Institute, Annual Report, Washington, DC
Thank you for courageously completing your excellent presentation for our group; our staff is a tough group. Many individuals commented to me that they really enjoyed the training and took many good ideas away with them. …It is becoming more clear that I need to act now to make my environment better fit my nature. I appreciate you carrying this important message to me. I really liked your presentation and your presence. Your insights related closely to my own personal experiences. Thank you for sharing them. Thanks again for your energy and enthusiasm.
Sally Klein, Program Officer, IRS Internal Security Group, Silver Springs, MD
In my profession, I find myself extremely preoccupied with work twenty-four hours a day. I knew that I was losing my “time” and had made some changes in my life to correct that problem. Your presentation gave me more incentive to continue in that direction. In addition, you managed to give me more options/avenues to help me grow as a person, both spiritually and emotionally.
Judy Cavazos Reyes, Investigator, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC
Thoroughly enjoyed your TEI session on Breathing Space. Clean sweep; has been done at home in both garage and house. Next step is my desk and credenza. Both will be completed by Thanksgiving.
Frances Hallihan, Chief, Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations Division,Internal Revenue Service, Atlanta, GA
The information you shared at your recent lecture in Cincinnati has helped me with a perspective on the lack of breathing space I begin to feel each year around the holidays. I’ve shared the concepts garnered from your lecture with many acquaintances. Today, my mother has been skimming Breathing Space and has found some familiar concerns and helpful hints. I enjoyed the day spent with you and profited in ways not yet fully employed from your suggestions. Thanks, and best wishes to you.
Charles L. Nickels, Special Assistant to the Regional Commissioner IRS Central Region, Cincinnati, OH
I have carried your Breathing Space thoughts with me since the seminar. While I am not yet as organized as I’d like to be, I am doing a much better job of “closing things up” at the end of the day. The end result has been less confusion at the start-up of the next workday. I’m also holding onto fewer pieces of paper than in the past. Your presentation was excellent.
Theresa Hoog, Public Health Service, Dept. of Health & Human Services, Rockville, MD
What a pleasure it was to have you speak to our group! I must say that you touched on several items that are issues in my life, and you have forced me to make a few choices that I was trying to ignore. Thanks to you, I can make those choices and keep a positive attitude at the same time. In addition, your organizational skills are a great tip for other people. As soon as I return home, I will take the extra time to tackle those things that I’ve been neglecting in order to have a more effective household. With a ten-month old child, there is hardly any time to organize a household. You were an inspiration to many who may not take the time to confer with you.
Yvonne Faulk, Secretary, Training Section, IRS Internal Security, Glynco, GA
I really enjoyed your presentation on “Breathing Space,” and I share many of your ideas. I’ve told a number of people in my office about your presentation as well as my husband. I had already begun cleaning out my office (and my home) before your presentation, but you gave me the motivation to do even more. As Director for Administration with responsibility for our training program, I am interested in receiving information about your speaking fees. We hold quarterly management meetings, and I believe our managers could benefit from a presentation similar to the one I attended.
Jane P. Seleznow, Director for Administration, Comptroller of the Currency San Francisco, CA
I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you for sharing such timely information on “How To Find Breathing Space.” As you know, the IRS is currently experiencing the trauma that comes with reorganization, downsizing and redefining roles and responsibilities. Managers are faced with numerous requests for input, choices and other decision making processes. The information and dialogue we exchanged during your workshop definitely provided an opportunity for us to refocus on an individual basis, as well as on a corporate basis, the untapped choices we are empowered to make regarding the people in our organization, the type of information we disseminate, the amount of paper documents we still have in a supposedly paperless society, and the impact the media has on the decisions we make. I left the workshop motivated and re-energized. I admire your energy and your enthusiasm and believe it will have a permanent impact on decisions and choices I will make in the future.
Roberta T. Bolton, Regional Quality Manager, IRS, Cincinnati, OH
Fantastic presentation to the HCAT members today! I’ve experienced many sessions of this general type, but yours was truly unique. You covered a surprising variety of issues with ease and made them relavent. The day was most weel spent for me. Thanks for a great session! You’ve helped me set some goals which will bear fruit soon, especially in the writing arena.
Captain Charles Anderson, Department of the Navy, Officer in Charge Naval School of Health Sciences, Portsmouth VA
(Fax, two weeks later:) Again, a superb talk which has has already made a positive difference!
I would like to order your book, “Breathing Space.” I heard your talk at the Parklawn Building and enjoyed it very much.
Rosalind Franke, Office of International Health, Department of Health and Human Services, Rockville, MD
I appreciated your lecture on Breathing Space at the Parklawn Building last December. Since then, I have found it to be useful in many ways. I keep your card on breathing space principles on my dresser top. The principles about choosing breathing space, limiting intake, conditioning your environment, and not being overglutted are helpful reminders. Several helpful things have ensued as I pursue this process of creating breathing space. First, I accept that there are more people, information, and choices. So, I accept that there are going to be crowds on the beltway. Or I don’t even try to read everything, if I choose not to or do not have the time. Ironically, by doing less, I am accomplishing more by working smarter, not harder. This breathing space is actually productive, in the same way that sleep or thinking and planning time are. That is, they are restorative and rejuvenative.
Stuart Weiss, Program Manager, NIH, Rockville, MD