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Composite Praise – Health Industry

Health Industry Professionals speak about Jeff Davidson’s programs on Breathing Space®: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society
We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on “Surviving Information and Communication Overload. We agree that technology is a blessing as well as a curse and there is no realistic way to handle the massive onslaught of information available. Your talk helped us feel less guilt about not being able to process every little bit of it. Several of our participants are, in fact at this very moment, clearing the horizontal piles from their desks!
Sharon S. Spratt, CEO Cottonwood Incorporated, Lawrence, KS
I was thrilled to participate in the “Surviving Information Overload” conference. Everyone here agreed that it was money well spent. I learned several ideas on how to better manage my time, and am starting to put them in place today. My favorite take away information was the four levels on how to deal with constant interruptions. I’ve already used it once this morning. Achieving closure upon completing an activity is very useful information. I also enjoyed your segment on avoiding multi-tasking. I had a totally different concept of what multi-tasking is and so did others in attendance to whom I spoke. So, Jeff, all in all the conference was well worth the time.
Patty Buckner, Manager of Administration Ontera Corporation, North Bay, Ontario
It was a delightful experience listening to your Breathing Space presentation at the recent Annual Meeting in Texas. Yours was the first presentation scheduled early on Saturday morning and it was dynamic and referred to throughout the rest of the meeting. Those that choose to sleep in and arrive later in your presentation, expressed their disappointment with themselves. Thanks for the insight that has reduced my daily stress level. I look forward to inviting you back to speak again.
Karen Burns, Vice President Operations ETO Sterilization, Linden, NJ
I was present when you spoke to Catholic Health Last at the Villanova Conference Center last month. I enjoyed your presentation. It was very clever and made one think. I sometimes considered that I was the only one who was inundated with tons of information I did not want or need. I especially enjoyed the part regarding multitasking… I hope to hear you again. Thanks for the knowledge.
Mary Galloway, Systems Office Catholic Health East, Newtown Square, PA
I thoroughly enjoyed your energy, your gifts of knowledge, and your unique yet so obvious words of wisdom on living life differently and constructively, i.e. with grace… Your presentation was a reminder to me of the many joys I have in my life each waiting for me to appreciate them. Thank you for your wit and interactive presentation style. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.
Char Sutton, Director of Development & Planned Giving Saint Alphonsus Hospital, Boise, ID
Thanks so much for an inspiring afternoon talk. While I was not looking forward to an entire afternoon hearing one person speak, you made it fun and broke it up appropriately with the 8 minute 10 minute breaks. While your wit kept me laughing, your information truly made me stop and think about the extra paper on my desk and that it is soon doomed for the confidential shredder bin. I also do public speaking tours and have picked up a few tips that may keep my audiences tuned in to what I have by learning from the master.
Dennis J. Wedman, Employee Relations Manager Saint Alphonsus, Boise, ID
Your talk was a godsend and a great kick-off to the conference for me. I’ve been ruminating for a long time on our culture’s obsession with always being busy and was pleasantly surprised to be pushed in the direction of “Breathing Space.” It has become a mantra, of sorts, for me. I have taken many of your suggestions to heart and have shared them with my colleagues. Thanks for bringing some common sense into our out-of-control lives and for doing it in such an entertaining and convincing fashion.
Colleen Cooper, MD, MPH Medical Director of Primary Care Clinics, North Memorial Health Care
I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar this week at the MGMA Conference. Your one page summary as well as your easy to read book have fueled some immediate adjustments in both my work and personal life. Great job!
Ruth N. Wallace, CEO Proscan Imaging, Cincinnati, OH
THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Cool font. I applaud you for being a stimulating speaker: clear, concise and to the point. Based on my experience at Coolfont and watching our guests from metropolitan areas, I feel you are right on the button in your assessment of what causes stress in our lives. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Coolfont, and I hope you will join us again.
Carolyn R. Thomas, M.S., Director, Spa and Fitness Programs Coolfont Resort & Conference Center, Berkeley Springs, WV
I really want to thank you for your speech at the Midwest Section MGMA meeting. You were very interesting, and I am trying to use your recommendations, as some days it feels like all the walls are crashing in.
Rodney F. Mitzel, Division Administrator, Dickinson Clinic, Dickinson, ND
I very much enjoyed your presentation at the Carolinas Medical Center. It was very helpful to know that I am probably still holding on to the past, and there are ways I can resolve the problem. Also, I realize that I do not immediately take care of papers that come across my desk or mail I receive. I really appreciate the handouts we were given at the workshop and have shared them with my co-workers.
Patty McDonald, Mecklenburg Area Mental Health Authority, Charlotte, NC
I recently had the pleasure of hearing you speak at a convention I was attending. Your message regarding breathing space was right on the money. I was so impressed, I purchased your book.
Dennis Yunk, Director of Finance, The Sheboygan Clinic, Sheboygan, WI
Today I attended your discussion: How to Handle Holiday Stress. It was a delightful presentation. I particularly enjoyed the fact that your talk was not too heavy; your sense of humor made it a delightful time. Your voice is so well modulated that a mike was unnecessary, so you could move around and through your questions and comments, made everyone feel part of the presentation. I felt that the questions, to which you gave such varied and interesting answers, were a favorite part of the presentation. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences and knowledge with us. It was a pleasant break in our busy schedules, and a most worthwhile one!
Sister Annette McBennett, Mercy Hospital, Charlotte, NC
Thanks for a great presentation at our spring meeting. It was well received and appreciated. I will prepare your “ten commandments” for publication in our next newsletter since so many people were anxious for a copy.
Ron Carter, President, Nebraska Medical Group Management, Norfolk, NE
Not only did I get a great deal of information from your course, but it also gave me permission to use the stuff that I already knew but somehow didn’t know that I knew. But mostly what I want to thank you for is your willingness to promote me from the front of the room. It was a very, very nice thing to do. That kind of generosity, when coupled with your hard work and ambition, will send you right to the top. You have an enormous amount of experience and it’s that experience that makes you so valuable a lecturer. All audiences love to hear “How I Did It” and it’s just as useful to tell anecdotes whether it turned out well or turned out badly; it provides that kind of personal touch people yearn for. And somehow it makes their goals more attainable, knowing that you, as successful as your are, also made goofs. I feel privileged to have attended the presentation. Thanks again.
Harvey W. Austin, MD, Austin & Weston Medical Center, McLean, VA
I wanted to thank you for providing me with an excellent opportunity to learn some effective ways to influence my career advancement. At the HCAT seminar on Thursday, your presentation was refreshing and uplifting, and gave me renewed enthusiasm to strive for more. I look foward to implementing my chosen key components, and eventually all of them. By the way, exactly how much did that new wardrobe cost? Hope to see you again in the near future.
Robert Leek, Administrative Director, Cardiopulmonary Serivces Williamsburg Community Hospital, Williamsburg VA
Fantastic presentation to the HCAT members today! I’ve experienced many sessions of this general type, but yours was truly unique. You covered a surprising variety of issues with ease and made them relavent. The day was most weel spent for me. Thanks for a great session! You’ve helped me set some goals which will bear fruit soon, especially in the writing arena.
Captain Charles Anderson, Department of the Navy, Officer in Charge Naval School of Health Sciences, Portsmouth VA
(By fax, two weeks later:) Again, a superb talk which has has already made a positive difference!
I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. I have already instituted some of the ideas you suggested to reduce my input overload. As a full-time Laboratory manager and full time student I often find myself swamped. I’m ready to slow down. Thanks.
Linda Jenkins, Maryview Medical Center Bon Secours Health System, Portsmouth VA
My responsibilities are increasing, which is exciting, but also a real juggling act– your program was most inspiring (and fun, too!) I enjoyed it immensely.
Hope G. Plank, Lynn Shores Manor, Virginia Beach, VA
After hearing one of the most informative and motivating lectures in my lifetime, I wanted to briefly share some thoughts with you…. Your seminar was enjoyable as well as helpful. Don’t change a thing! I’m sure there are many other careerists out there who would greatly benefit from your wisdom, and I am confident that I speak for all those who attended your seminar that we are more valuable to our organizations and ourselves because of your knowledge. Thanks again Jeff for such an enlightening and pleasant experience, and I wish you well in all your future endeavors.
Roger S. Grayson, Sentara Health Systems, Virginia Beach, VA
Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminars on “50 ways to leave your clutter” at the Illinois Health Care Convention a few weeks ago. I attend a lot of seminars for my job, and it takes quite a lot to “entertain” me these days–I pride myself in being a well organized individual, but your talk gave me several new areas to look at. Thanks for sending the recording in “Breathing Space.” I have done some training on organization, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy your ideas.
Joyce Ely, Administrator, Country View Living Center, Latham, IL
Thank you again for taking part in the Illinois Health Care Association’s Annual Meeting in Peoria last week. I enjoyed your session and have already tried to get rid of my clutter! Thanks again for your efforts.
Julie Efaw, CMP, Executive Director Capitol City Speakers Bureau, Springfield, IL
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your presentation. I certainly admire your ability to completely focus in any given task and no doubt this is a significant factor in your success as a speaker and author. Thank you for sharing your story and tips for personal/professional development!
Carol Mills, RN, MA, Denver, CO
Thank you for your wonderful presentations. All of the feedback I’ve received – verbal acknowledgments as well as the formal written program evaluations – has been extremely positive. Tips you offered were consistently cited among the 3 things my colleagues found to be most valuable about the day. Our COO even told me he got back to work on Friday, immediately re-organized his office and is approaching each day with a totally renewed outlook! I’m also happy to report that our northeast and southeast divisional offices were quite pleased. Isn’t it terrific when things work out so well? Thanks again for your time and efforts. I enjoyed working with you.
Kristin Kelly, Leadership Formation & Employee Programs Catholic Health East, Newtown Square, PA
I very much enjoyed your presentation. The information you imparted about eight hours of sleep nightly has changed my life. I have shared with others the importance of “completion” of tasks before starting others.
Jack C. Bailey, Executive Vice President California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
I attended the Minnesota Medical Group Management meeting. I enjoyed your presentation style and the material that you spoke on. From your suggestions, I have: * made a list of my major life priorities * made a goal list (I have too many and need to narrow it down and build in accountability steps.) * hired an administrative assistant. I am designing a job description for the position that includes especially routines tasks that just take time. * planned a vacation to Boston at the end of next month * organized several areas of my home, giving away and throwing away items that I don’t need * routinely ask myself “Do I need to read this or keep this?” Thank you very much for helping me consider measures that will reduce my stress and allow me to spend time on the things that matter to me.
Susan Santema, Practice Administrator MultiCenter Physical Therapy, Spring Lake Park, MN