Jeff Davidson's book, Simpler Living, was Amazon Kindle #1 in its category, first quarter, 2012. Jeff is featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Businessweek, Fortune, Organized Executive, and Success.

Composite Praise – Real Estate

Real Estate Brokers and Agents speak about Jeff Davidson’s programs on Breathing Space®: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society
I recently attended your presentation in Maui, with Legacy Marketing Group.Your presentation was very upbeat and down to earth. Best wishes to you!Your message is one that is needed in the fast-paced world we live in!
Kimberly Ervin, Kaehall Estate Planning Services, Quakertown, PA
It was a pleasure to attend your session at the convention in Las Vegas.Your information was insightful and fun! I now realize that although we arein the “tech age” and have more options for communication available, we canstress ourselves out by all that is available. Thanks again for yourinsights and the great information.
Sandye Christofferson, Relocation Director, Coldwell Banker, Fresno, CA
Your session on “Breathing Space” was the highlight of the convention asfar as I’m concerned. Thanks for the book, I plan to read itimmediately if I can stop my wife from reading it first.
Henry Greenwood, Hamilton & Williams Coldwell Banker, Cleveland, TN
I want to thank you sincerely for speaking at our March meeting. Iheard only “rave reviews” from those in attendance. What a dynamicpresentation! It was definitely one of our best programs ever. Yourmessage is truly an inspiration to all people in all walks of life, andyour concepts are so simple they can be implemented immediately.”Breathing Space” has made a significant difference in the amount oftime I have to enjoy life! Thank you for a wonderful and informativemeeting.
Peggy Hendrix, President, CFSME, Wilmington, NC
I was your loud mouth attendee at the REALTORS® convention. I learnedfrom your presentation, and I have already started adopting some of thetechniques of reducing stress. I think it would be nice if it wasaccepted for credit by the Real Estate Commission. I hope to catchanother presentation in the future.
Jim Eastwood, Castleton Realty Company, Paris, TN
I have always believed that good time management would be the answer toall of my problems, but I realized listening to your lecture that eventhe best time management will not allow me to fit everything I wouldlike to do into a 24-hour day. I really need to make choices andrealize that in doing so, I am not a failure. I felt the information presented really does address the issues thatoccur now. I liked your checklist and the handouts. My only regret isthat you didn’t have more time to present the materials. Thank you forthe insight!!
Debra Skaalen, Training Director, F.C.H.S., Preston, MN
Thank you for speaking at our annual convention. I enjoyed theopportunity of working with you, and I look forward to having thisopportunity again.
Marie B. Queen, Education Coordinator, NAR, Chicago, IL
It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing you speak. You are so rightwhen you stated there are too many items demanding our attention that weare not able to respond; however, many of us surely try!!! You will behappy to know that I am in the process of stripping the top of my desk,cleaning out all the clutter; and my glove compartment and dining roomtable are clean. Thank you for sharing all the great information on what is happeningin our wonderful world. Enjoyed your presentation very much. KEEPTELLING ‘EM…
Vivian Gardner, CRB, CRS, GRI, Century 21 Gardner, Wilmington, NC
I attended your seminar in Hawaii, which I feel was excellent. Yourpresentation was one of the better that I attended!
Dave Roth, MBA, Broker, Roth & Miller Realty, Vacaville, CA
Your session on “Breathing Space” was the highlight of the convention asfar as I’m concerned. Thanks for the book, I plan to read itimmediately, if I can stop my wife from reading it first. Keep intouch, I’d like to know about other books and seminars.
Henry Greenwood, Coldwell Banker, Hamilton & Williams, Cleveland, TN
I find I now have breathing space. For however long it lasts, theeffect of your seminar has had a beneficial effect on our office. Ihave, for the first time, noted two of my associates, who like myselfwere in attendance at your presentation, now maintain a clear, clean,orderly desk. Your subject, delivered with a flair for the dramatic, wasprovocative and a highlight of the convention.
Jim Reynolds, GRI Realtor, Jenkins Realty Company, Vonore, TN
On behalf of the Homes For Living Real Estate Network, thank you forspeaking at our recent convention. Your session received high marks.Everyone felt it was a great convention. Good luck with your book andkeep in touch.
Jane M. Shafran, Executive Vice President, Homes For Living, Fairfax,VA
Thank you for your energetic and insightful presentation at the CPAForum. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your material was great. By the way, one of the best moves our family made was cutting off ourcable TV service. The withdrawal is painful, but we five are all betteroff now. Stay in touch.
Jim Anthony, Jr., President Anthony & Company Commercial Real Estate, Raleigh, NC
I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the ideas we discussed in ourconsultation session in December. The observations you shared with meabout space management made a real impact on my thinking. I have takensteps to organize my work spaces including cleaning out my car. Yourbook on the subject has many excellent suggestions for managing spaceand subsequently managing time for greater efficiency. I will be inducted into the Re/Max Hall of Fame in early March.This is a lifetime production award. I completed the year as 11th inthe Carolinas. I want to finish higher next year. I want to implementmany of your ideas to help me to move to that higher production level.
Lillian L. Smith, GRI, CRS, ABR RE/MAX Property Associates, Cary, North Carolina