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July 2015


In This Edition:
1. July: The Second Half of the Year!
2. Dealing with Other People’s Voice Mail
3. Contentment With Partners?
4. Ask People for Favors
5. Now It’s Official: Time Flies

July: The Second Half of the Year!

Here we are with only 177 shopping days until Christmas! Actually, there are scientific reasons why time seems to speed up or slow down. See “Time Flies” below.

Dealing With Other People’s Voice Mail

Have you had it with encountering recorded messages when you call others? As onerous as the situation may be, here are some ways to make the best of your opportunity to leave a message:

  • Speak a little louder than usual, enunciating as you speak.
  • Say your name and organization, and then slowly leave your phone number. Follow that with a short, essential message.
  • Make your message last 40 to 50 seconds. Too short, and it may seem insignificant. Too long, and you may irk the other party.
  • Pretend you’re writing your phone number in the air as you’re reciting it. Some callers speak too fast, making recipients replay the message repeatedly.
  • Days later, no reply? Say, “I’m calling to follow-up on the message I left on Tuesday.” Be flexible when offering times and dates when you can be reached.
Above all, be friendly and personable. You’ll stand out like few other callers that day, and might actually receive a return call!

Contentment with Partners?

A survey of 730 adults who are married or dating conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeries finds that 59% of women and 54% of men would like to change at least one feature of their partner’s face. The top five changes include: 1) hair, 2) wrinkles, 3) nose, 4) mouth, 5) eyes!

Ask People for Favors

As a boy, Benjamin Franklin asked the governor of Pennsylvania for a book. In his autobiography, Franklin cites that moment as the beginning of his publishing career. He also learned the importance of asking people for favors. People will then ask you for a favor in return, and thus one forms a free exchange, the foundation of all business: “one polite request at a time.”

Now It’s Official: Time Flies

According to findings published in Scientific American, the human brain generates images faster when you experience positive emotions. Time seems to “fly” when you’re having fun! Conversely, the brain reduces the rate of image making during negative emotions. This may explain why misery seems to linger. So, Norman Vincent Peale was right all along: positive thinking is essential!