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Managing Information and Communication Overload®

Data, data everywhere but not a thought to think! Does too much paper, too much reading, and too much with which to keep pace diminish your enjoyment of life? If so, go from glut to gain. Learn how to win with information and not be inundated by it, and to manage interruptions rather than be overwhelmed by them. Discover how to become your own information highway, to use information for maximum gain, and to keep the din at a manageable level so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. This program is for organizations whose managers and staff members face too many items competing for their time and attention, and offers essential tools for continual improvement.

Managing Information and Communication Overload®, Presentation Topics:

    • The Pace of New Information
    • Starting Right Where You Are
    • Operation Clean Sweep
    • Getting Organized, Now and for Good
    • The High Art of Filing
    • Conditioning Your Office
    • Conditioning Your Other Environments
    • Interruption Management
    • Controlling the Intake Overglut
    • Combating Packratism
    • Cyber-Strategies for Handling Information

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We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Managing Information and Communication Overload. Your talk helped us feel less guilt about not being able to process every little bit of it.
— Sharon Spratt, CEO, Cottonwood Inc, Lawrence, KS

I attended the Mastering Information and Workplace Overload seminar that you presented at the McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University… I have already started using some of the techniques to get out of the “information shower” that you discussed in your presentation that deal with my email, both work and personal accounts. The clutter has dropped remarkably in a short amount of time. I enjoyed your class in terms of information, as well as the way it was presented. You handled yourself in a professional manner, yet allowed your personal side to guide the discussion in an approachable manner. Not all speakers that I have been exposed to have that skill.
— Andy Watcher, Project Manager, Dancik International, Cary, NC

I found your presentation to be very informative and took several ideas away to work on slowing down my workplace environment.
— Terry Bailey, Director of Business Development, Chamber of Commerce, Council Bluffs, IA

I felt that your ABA presentation was very valuable for the participants. With 30 years experience, I have lived through the roller coaster ride on how to get and stay organized in this fast paced world. I generally follow the principles that you laid out but also picked up a few new ideas. You have an excellent perspective on this issue and have come up with some real common-sense approaches that can be used.
— Paul Means, Chief Executive Officer, First Federal Savings Bank, Baxter, MN

Jeff, I really enjoyed your presentation at the Spring Seminar in Plainfield, IN. The statistics are astounding and make me think of how progressive we are as humans. Also, I have been trying to simplify my life and dump the junk. I got some good ideas and will implement them before… Hopefully this will help me not feel so stressed by the paperwork.
— Donna Hook, Loge Manager, Warrick County School Corporation, Boonville, IN

I was recently at the Independent Banker’s Convention in Savannah, Georgia, and had the opportunity to hear your lecture. I found your comments about information overload duplicated my daily work rituals to the tee! I was very motivated when I left your meeting; however, since I’ve been back to work I have been unsuccessful in altering my work habits. I heard you, but implementing this chance may be difficult. At least I think I’m pointed in the right direction.
— F.R. Saunders, President, First Reliance Bank, Florence, SC

I’d like to tell you that I think you are an extremely talented and experienced communicator. I enjoyed attending your seminar in San Antonio. You kept the information moving, did not bog us down in details, and had tremendous interaction with the audience.
— Angie Frisina, Executive Assistant, Intel Corporation, Dupont, WA

It was a pleasure to meet you and participate in the “workshop” with you prior to the Chamber event here in Council Bluffs. It is unfortunate that we didn’t have more time. Thanks for visiting us in Council Bluffs. We enjoyed your presentation and look forward to more tips and information.
— Deborah Petersen, Attorney at Law, Council Bluffs, IN

I really enjoyed your key-note presentation at the FMS Conference in San Diego. I look forward to receiving your live recording.
— Lori Tatarsky, MHA, Surgical Associates of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

I have been so busy sharing your wonderful insights with my colleagues that I have not had time to send this letter! Your seminar at the Worldwide ERC Conference was very enlightening and most entertaining! Thank you for helping me sort through my information overload. I look forward to having more “Breathing Space.”
— Lynn Kazlousky, Corporate Services Counselor, Watson Relocation Services, Jacksonville, FL

After hearing your presentation at the City of Norfolk meeting, I have been thirsting for more information. I was inspired by the energy you portrayed and the level of enthusiasm of your presentation. It was absolutely a relief to know there are solutions for today’s extremely fast-paced world.
— Paris Colburn, Public Works Accountant, City of Norfolk, Chesapeake, VA

I actually enjoyed your presentation. It was very clear and made you think. I sometimes thought I was the only one who was inundated with tons of information I did not want or need. I hope to hear you again.
—Mary Galloway, Counseling Services, Catholic Health East, Newton Square, PA

At our last CBAO Board meeting I discussed with the board a speaker who I had heard at the Convention in Orlando, Mr. Jeff Davidson. Several of our bankers from around the state got to hear him and were very impressed. I think he would make a great addition to our annual CBAO Convention. The 200 people present the day of his seminar were very impressed and very entertained. He has other programs longer than the one-hour program and maybe you could use him in more than one capacity. If you would like to hear him, I have his seminar on audio tape and would be willing to bring it along to the next Board meeting for your review.
— Paul G. Wreede, President & CEO, Commercial Bank, Delphos, OH

I enjoyed your presentation in Wilmington. It was entertaining and it clearly demonstrated the problem that most of us have regarding the amount of information we all try to absorb. You also gave us some practical solutions to the problem that we can begin to apply immediately. Thank you for making the meeting a meaningful event.
— Steve Johnston, Assistant Vice President, Branch Banking and Trust Company, Wilmington, NC

Thank you for your presentation on Breathing Space. What a refreshing change to turn off the information superhighway and take a detour toward self-preservation! My only regret is the fact the class did not get to spend more time exploring the principles of Breathing Space. Again, thank you for helping all of us find some of the secrets to living a fulfilling and centered life. All the best – you deserve it!
— W. Craig Overstreet, President and CEO, First Bank, Farmersville, TX

I really enjoyed your presentation at the TCCE Annual Conference. I felt that your limited usage of handout materials was very appropriate, especially in relation to your subject. Your presentation manner was excellent as you kept my attention and provided me information in a way I could begin to internalize it. I only heard positive comments from my peers. I will be President of TCCE this year and would like to let you know that I would sure like to see us include you in some of our other educational opportunities, such as our mini-conferences and our annual conference next year in Galveston. Thanks for the great job you did for us.
— Douglas S. Kinsinger, President, San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, TX

I really was impressed with your presentation on “Breathing Space” at the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives meeting in Austin. I have already put into action some of your recommendations. I spent the weekend cleaning out a desk and my closet and had my wife involved in the same. I would appreciate you sending the cassette on “Breathing Space.” I plan on staying in touch and keeping you informed of the progress that I make. Looking forward to having an occasion to get you back down to this part of the country in the future.
— Hardy England, Mgr. of Community Development, TU Electric, Dallas, TX

Thank you for mailing copies of the evaluation sheets from our “Handling the Information Overload”. Response from our end–especially the Board members who attended — has been very positive. Chairman-elect Diann Seas sometimes relates to me about her office situation — “I did this… just like Jeff told us!” Thank you for providing the most informative and exciting seminar our Chamber has ever had. Best Regards,
— Marcy Fryday, President & CEO, SW Houston Chamber of Commerce, Houston TX

Just a note to say that I enjoyed your talk on Saturday, June 24, to the Indiana C.P.A. Society. Your presentation was very effective and substantiated much of what I already believed. I’ve ruled satellite dishes out of my life and am pleased with my decision to cancel the daily paper that I never read. Simplifying one’s life is an excellent focal point for your work. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.
— Paul D. Burch, Countrymark, Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for a great meeting!!! I knew it would be since I had heard you twice at our national meetings. I appreciate the practical “nuts and bolts” presentation of one who is doing it on a grand scale. And a big thank you for going to extreme measures to keep your expenses as low as possible. I look forward to seeing you again.
— Arthur Schulert, Ph.D., President, Environmental Science, Mt. Juliet, TN

Your energetic and informative speech was the highlight of our day. I have been recounting the five Mega-Realities to everyone I encounter. I want to incorporate the FRESH AIR ideas into my lifestyle. We are all fortunate you are committed to your mission of spreading your words of wisdom.
— Kay Alexander, Marketing Director, Network Technology Assoc., Durham, NC

I recently heard you speak. I was quite impressed with your presentations and found some of the facts you presented astounding. After hearing you, I have taken steps in my life, both at work and at home, to make some changes. I now give much consideration to those “Mega-Realities” and how they affect our lives. And yes, I have made some changes because of these. It was a real pleasure and most interesting to hear you speak. If I knew that you were going to be speaking anywhere near my area, I would make an effort to attend.
— Linda Dunlap, Administrative Assistant, San Patrico Electric Cooperative, Sinton, TX

Last week I attended the Executive Secretary Conference. Your presentation contained some very interesting and sometimes startling statistics. I have often felt overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork that comes through my office. I now am attempting to approach this “monster” with an aggressive attitude and with a positive frame of mind that I CAN do something about this situation NOW. I am even encouraging my boss to clear his desk, at least occasionally. (By the way, I cleaned out two closets, several kitchen cabinets, and my home file cabinet over this past weekend. Feels good!) Thanks for sharing some great information.
— Sara Bell, CPS, Executive Secretary

Thank you for your presentation at the Warehouse Education Research Council in New Orleans. I enjoyed the talk very much. I have already begun to clear my desk of unnecessary paper and will make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of paper that piles on my desk. As you rightly stated, we have so much information that we cannot keep up with what we really need.
— Stephen L. Mobley, Vice President and General Manager, Warehousing World Trade Cargo and Logistics, Dallas, TX

I enjoyed your seminar this morning. I found your description of the five Mega-Realities to be a good expression of thoughts and feelings that I have had. Thanks for the insight and ideas.
— Dan Ellig, Research Manager, Union Carbide, Des Plaines, IL

I was very impressed with your presentation. I found it to be interesting and insightful. The five Mega-Realities hold true for most businessmen, and I certainly agree. I feel your recommendations will help simplify matters. Your ideas and methods are practical to today’s professionals. I hope I have the opportunity to hear you speak again.
— James B. Murrell, Human Resources Operations, Belk Beery, Wilmington, NC

I was invigorated and entranced by your presentation at our spring Leadership Conference. You provided excellent information, as well as setting the stage for consideration of the world in which we live and work.
— Alice Barnes, Keane, Inc., Durham, NC

We and the folks at Microsoft are thrilled at the efforts expended by all to pull off “Career Extravaganza.” You, as a special guest presenter, deserve a special thanks for your efforts; you were willing to experiment, change dates, provide information in all kinds of forms, put up with our speaker phones, tolerate confusion and keep your sense of humor. Thank you very much! I enjoyed working with you, and learned a lot in the process. Your insight about priorities, i.e., physical balance, is valuable for me as a consultant.
— Bill Gregory, Ed.D., Mainstream On-Line, Kirkland, WA

Our office staff participated in your conference titled “Surviving Information Overload: Proven Strategies for Better Managing Your Time.” Our group found the experience to be informative and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your insights and techniques.
— Kathy McCarty, Administrative Assistant-Learning Services, Rock Valley College, Rock Valley, IL

Thanks so much for speaking before our group at Duke University. Information overload is a real problem for most researchers. Your solution is eminently practicable. I hope we can invite you back again.
— Dr. Thomas Havrilesky, Professor of Economics, Duke Univ., Durham, NC

I was pleased to learn of the topic on stress scheduled for our State Government Planners Meeting. Not only was your information interesting and useful, but you stayed focused. Your remarks were to the point, clear, and easy to follow. Almost everyone likes handouts; they keep note taking to a minimum. Thanks! It was an evening well spent, and I look forward to reading your books. Maybe I’ll get another chance to hear you. I hope so.
— Fran Leggett, Instructional Services Section, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Raleigh, NC

It was a pleasure to attend your session at the convention in Las Vegas. Your information was insightful and fun! I now realize that although we are in the “tech age” and have more options for communication available, we can stress ourselves out by all that is available. Thanks again for your insights and the great information.
— Sandye Christofferson, Relocation Director, Coldwell Banker, Fresno, CA

Thank you for your energetic and insightful presentation at the CPA Forum. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your material was great. By the way, one of the best moves our family made was cutting off our cable TV service. The withdrawal is painful, but we five are all better off now. Stay in touch.
— Jim Anthony, Jr., President, Anthony & Company Commercial Real Estate, Raleigh, NC

Your presentation at NTSA was full of practical information and honest realities. I personally found it extremely helpful. John and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you more personally and we really enjoyed the interactive dinner. We both look forward to seeing you again. ‘Til then…thanks for sharing your knowledge and your time.
— Bette Price, President, The Price Group, Marketing & Managements Consultants, Addison, TX

It was a pleasure having you at our Life Underwriter’s meeting. Your insight on the “Mega-Realities” was very inspiring and will be helpful in my day-to-day practice. Thank you for your time and insight.
— Stephen K. Powell, Spence Financial Group, Norfolk, VA

Jeff–super class on finding information!
— Edmund Thornton, Executive Vice President, NAHU, Washington, DC

I attended your presentation over the Broadcast Sales Training network. As a pastor, I tend to watch both style and content, and rate yours both very high, Jeff. Your delivery had energy, variety, and excellent contact with the audience. Your material was thoughtful and interesting. Your language was understandable, not academic. You communicated. I know that speaking to a television camera is different than speaking to real people. I thought you were able to speak well to both audiences. Gold stars to you, Jeff, for excellent work!
— Dr. John Cushman, Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for your presentation at our meeting of August 22. The comments by members were uniformly positive; many people noted that you gave good, easy to follow advice, and most asked for copies of your handouts. The bottom line is that having heard you speak, we invited you back, and would be delighted to have you speak a third time!
— Lee M. Cassidy, President, 40+ Forty Plus of Greater Washington, DC

You hit the proverbial nail right square on the head when you stated that, in this day and age, there is an overabundance of communicating going on. Your program did the job; it focused on this existing situation and assisted me in realizing its pros and cons. Most importantly, it helped me to identify priorities I can implement to effect my purpose. I enjoyed your style of presentation with its interesting statistics and other related information.
— Franz Schneider, Director of Food & Beverage, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for speaking at our annual convention. I enjoyed the opportunity of working with you, and I look forward to having this opportunity again.
— Marie Queen, Education Coordinator, NAR, Chicago, IL

I was thrilled to participate in the “Surviving Information Overload” conference. Everyone here agreed that it was money well spent. I learned several ideas on how to better manage my time, and am starting to put them in place today. My favorite take- away information was the four levels on how to deal with constant interruptions. I’ve already used it once this morning. Achieving closure upon completing an activity is very useful information. I also enjoyed your segment on avoiding multi-tasking. I had a totally different concept of what multi-tasking is and so did others in attendance to whom I spoke. So, Jeff, all in all, the conference was well worth the time.
— Patty Buckner, Manager of Administration, Ontera Corporation, North Bay, Ontario

I was present when you spoke to Catholic Health East at the Villanova Conference Center last month. I enjoyed your presentation. It was very clever and made one think. I sometimes considered that I was the only one who was inundated with tons of information I did not want or need. I especially enjoyed the part regarding multi-tasking… I hope to hear you again. Thanks for the knowledge.
— Mary Galloway, Systems Office, Catholic Health East, Newtown Square, PA

I very much enjoyed your presentation at the Carolinas Medical Center. It was very helpful to know that I am probably still holding on to the past, and there are ways I can resolve the problem. Also, I realize that I do not immediately take care of papers that come across my desk or mail I receive. I really appreciate the handouts we were given at the workshop and have shared them with my co-workers.
— Patty McDonald, Mecklenburg Area Mental Health Authority, Charlotte, NC

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminars on “50 ways to leave your clutter” at the Illinois Health Care Convention a few weeks ago. I attend a lot of seminars for my job, and it takes quite a lot to “entertain” me these days–I pride myself in being a well organized individual, but your talk gave me several new areas to look at. Thanks for sending the recording in “Breathing Space.” I have done some training on organization, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy your ideas.
— Joyce Ely, Administrator, Country View Living Center, Latham, IL

Thank you again for taking part in the Illinois Health Care Association’s Annual Meeting in Peoria last week. I enjoyed your session and have already tried to get rid of my clutter! Thanks again for your efforts.
— Julie Efaw, CMP, Executive Director, Capitol City Speakers Bureau, Springfield, IL

Thank you for the presentation you gave to the EPA. I appreciated the statistics you provided on information growth. Facing the magnitude of information you described makes it so much easier to let go of the need to try to stay on top of it all. I found most useful your landing strip analogy for a clean desk. I am one that is constantly pushing away piles of paper to create an empty spot. I have at least now started with a three-foot clean section that I am attempting to keep clear. Thank you for all your suggestions and help.
— Randy Waite, Organic Chemicals Group Leader, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC

I heard you speak at the City of Norfolk’s Senior Staff Meeting at Norfolk City Hall. Your talk was helpful and enjoyable. Being somewhat of a “packrat” of informational items, your ideas about the myths of a “paperless society” motivated me to take a hard look at the “stuff” that surrounds me both at my office and at home. The more you spoke, the more I thought of Alvin Toffler’s predictions about how technology and the pace of things would be speeding up, providing new challenges in how we operate. Thank you for your great presentation.
— John Deuel, manager, Norfolk Environmental Commission, Norfolk, VA

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and sharing your expertise about information gathering. Your session was well-received by our membership at Friday’s annual workshop. Many of the participants lamented that there wasn’t more time! Your experience and expertise certainly were appreciated.
— Deborah Auerbach-Deutsch, Workshop Coordinator, Washington Education Press Association, Washington, DC

Wow! Your energy and information were top notch. I learned a new way of viewing the world and my participation in it. You gave me what I wanted, namely new and practical advice. After leaving your presentation I shared your view points with colleagues. How we manage the information age with industrial age tools was a real eye opener. I don’t think I’ll ever open my mail, read a magazine or spend my time in quite the same way as I used to. Thank you for sharing your insights in an enjoyable way at our meeting this past Saturday. I look forward to seeing you again.
— Gwen Taylor, President, Gwen Taylor Management and Sales Consultants, St. Augustine, FL

Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®," is a preeminent time management authority, has written 65 mainstream books, and is an electrifying professional speaker, making 886 presentations to clients such as Lockheed Martin, Eckerd, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, American Express, Lufthansa, Swissotel, Re/Max, USAA, Worthington Steel, and the World Bank. Jeff is Executive Director of the Breathing Space Institute and the author of books such as:
  • Simpler Living (Skyhorse Publishing)
  • Dial It Down--Live it Up (Sourcebooks)
  • The 60 Second Innovator (Adams Media)
  • Breathing Space (CreateSpace)
  • Accomplishing Your Goals (Smart Guide Publications)
Jeff is the premier thought leader on work-life balance issues and has been widely quoted in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, USA Today, Businessweek, Forbes, and Fortune. Cited by Sharing Ideas Magazine as a "Consummate Speaker," Jeff believes that career professionals today in all industries have a responsibility to achieve their own sense of work-life balance, and he supports that quest through his website

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