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What Meeting Planners Want

By Jeff Davidson © 2012

Organizations are examining what they gain from their investment in meetings and in speakers. Return on Investment analysis demands that they know what return they will achieve by retaining our services. “Your people will learn XYZ…” is not enough.

The larger issue is, “What is the payback in real terms?” In a typical event scenario, an organization pays $50,000 to $60,000 to hear a speaker for one hour. The speaker’s fee is marginal compared to the overall cost.

Meeting planners want leading-edge programs that represent highly valuable and relevant content, expertly delivered. Further, they want presentations with take home value that can be applied quickly to improve results. Content is king. Education trumps motivation.

Meeting Planner Goals, based on an industry survey
Attendees leave:
  1. with a concrete set of plans
  2. with an important message
  3. having greater commitment to the organization
  4. feeling motivated or inspired
  5. ready to become more productive because of what they’ve learned