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Hosting Meetings That Inspire Your Audience

How to Know When You’ve Booked a Superlative Speaker

by Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC © 2012
Here are quick ways to know that you’ve booked the right speaker for your meeting:
  • The speaker conveys the best and latest information on the vital issues that the audience faces.
  • The speaker does not bog down the audience with superfluous rules, guidelines, and checklists, knowing they’re already swamped by all the others they’ve received.
  • The audience stays alert and involved the entire time and understands how the speaker’s methods can be applied and integrated into everyday life.
  • The speaker conveys why new measures are needed to succeed and helps audience members to find their own paths to success.
  • The speaker is adept at persuading audience members to abandon myths and worn out procedures that don’t pay off.
  • The speaker entertains, invigorates, and inspires audience members.
  • The speaker ends with a flourish, on time.

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