Jeff Davidson's book, Simpler Living, was Amazon Kindle #1 in its category, first quarter, 2012. Jeff is featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Businessweek, Fortune, Organized Executive, and Success.

About Jeff Davidson

jacket_center Jeff Davidson, the Work Life Balance Expert®, can move an audience like few others. Jeff offers dynamic learning keynotes and seminar presentations. He combines outstanding content with humor, flair, and inspiration to help listeners manage information and communication overload. Jeff supercharges his audiences to master their to-do lists, manage interruptions, and take action.
Frequently quoted or featured in USA Today, the New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times; in Fortune, Forbes, and Businessweek; and on 175 talk shows, more than 2,316,000 people have found Jeff’s award-winning books (cumulatively selected by book clubs 41 times), audio-books, videos, keynote presentations, and executive seminars to be enlightening, entertaining, and transformational.
Jeff’s ground-breaking book, Breathing Space, reveals how to avoid racing the clock and gain more control over each day. His Amazon Kindle #1 best-selling book, Simpler Living, with a foreword by Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul, is the definitive work on simpler living, offering nearly 2000 tips arranged by every aspect of life! His first gift book Dial it Down, Live it Up sells all over the world.

Jeff’s book, The 60-Second Organizer (Adams Media) is short, fun-filled, and power-packed, with 60 tips to get you back in control no matter how long it’s been! His book, Getting Things Done (Smart Guide Publications), over the course of 24 bite-sized chapters, lays out exactly what is required to be both more efficient and effective, to consistently accomplishing your tasks required, and to feel good about the process.
Jeff’s audio program, Simplifying Your Work and Your Life, (SkillPath, on four CDs) co-recorded with Dr. Tony Alessandra, gives listeners the tools and practical information they need in the face of an over-complicated society. Jeff’s audio program, Get a Life (Oasis Audio, on two CDs), offers busy professionals ground-breaking insights on how to reclaim their lives.

Wide bestJeff is the past president of the NSA Carolinas Chapter and former national chair of the Public Relations Committee of the Institute of Management Consultants. He has also been a member of the board of directors of Washington Independent Writers, and for five years running, won the U.S. Small Business Administration’s state “Media Advocate of the Year.”

In 1995, Jeff launched the Breathing Space Institute, now located in Raleigh. The Breathing Space Institute is dedicated to helping both organizations and individuals, through a variety of learning tools, keynote speeches, and seminar presentations.

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