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Too Much To Do, All the Time?

A growing number of career professionals everywhere face too many interruptions, too much to do, and not enough time to do it. If this happens to be your lot, and you’ve been looking for solutions, you’re here.

To-do lists build up when what we want to accomplish, or the challenges we face, overwhelm the resources we can bring to address the issues. Unfortunately, too many people dwell in this state most of the time. They are perpetually under-resourced in their quest to get things done.

The first step, if you feel perpetually overwhelmed and never quite able to accomplish in a day what you set out to, is to scan your environment for resources that you are not employing. For example, when is the last time you looked at the resumes and job application forms of the people already on your staff? Are you under-employing vital human resources that you encounter everyday? How effective are you in using both the hardware and software already in your possession?

Studies reveal that most people only learn a fraction of the features available with the equipment they already have in their possession. Likewise, much of the software with which we feel adept can be tapped in many other ways to help us be more effective. What happens however is that we become comfortable with the equipment that surrounds us and the software that we employ. We never think of delving further into the instructions that come with the equipment. Doing so would help us to be even more effective in accomplishing the tasks before us.

There are many other resources that we do not employ or fully employ, that could be well within our grasp.

Facing Greater Challenges

As we marshal more of the resources around us to meet the challenges we face, cross more items off of our to-do lists, and gain a daily sense of accomplishment, we experience a different type of relationship with such challenges. When the hurdles we face are matched by the resources we can assemble to meet those challenges, we’re able to achieve a sense of balance.

The balance may be for a fleeting moment, or an extended period. Too often, however, we don’t draw upon the lessons that are there for the taking, as to why we are able to achieve a state of balance for however long it lasted.

The happiest and most accomplished co-workers you will ever encounter are those who perpetually seek resources they can creatively employ, to meet the array of assignments, challenges, and “things to do” that continually confront them.

When Prosperity Happens

When it comes to our challenges, a third relationship exists: when the resources we assemble are more than sufficient for the challenges we face. Such a state leads to a feeling of prosperity, the experience of leisure, and a sense of control.

What would our careers and lives be like if we perpetually face challenges with an array of resources that were more than adequate to meet them? The most successful and often happiest among us, however intermittently, achieve this for notable time intervals throughout the course of the their workday, workweek, month, years, and career.

Hereafter, make it your personal mission to constantly seek the resources that support you on the projects and tasks that you’re assigned, the challenges you take on, and those accomplishments both personally and professionally that you want to experience. The ability to consistently and effectively get things done yields one of the most satisfying feelings in life.

Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®," is a preeminent time management authority, has written 59 mainstream books, and is an electrifying professional speaker, making 806 presentations since 1985 to clients such as Kaiser Permanente, IBM, American Express, Lufthansa, Swissotel, America Online, Re/Max, USAA, Worthington Steel, and the World Bank. Jeff is Executive Director of the Breathing Space Institute; a popular speaker; and the author of books such as:
  • Simpler Living (Skyhorse Publishing)
  • The 60 Second Innovator (Adams Media)
  • Breathing Space (MasterMedia)
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Time (Alpha/Penguin)
Jeff is the premier thought leader on work-life balance issues and has been widely quoted in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, and USA Today. Cited by Sharing Ideas Magazine as a "Consummate Speaker," Jeff believes that career professionals today in all industries have a responsibility to achieve their own sense of work-life balance, and he supports that quest through his websites and and through 24 iPhone Apps at

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